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A mountain resort town, Ruidoso lies in the  Sierra Blanca mountain range of  New Mexico, where it merges with the Sacramento Mountains to the south. Ruidoso is a rapidly growing resort community due to the region’s alpine scenery, Ruidoso Downs racetrack, and slopes of Ski Apache, the Mescalero Apache Indian-owned ski resort on the 12,000-foot (3,700 m) mountain Sierra Blanca. The tribe also operates the Inn of the Mountain Gods resort in the area, which includes a casino, hotel, and golf course. Ruidoso is the largest community in Lincoln County and serves as the regional economic hub.

Ruidoso New mexico

Grindstone Dam- Ruidoso

grindstone lake dam ruidoso

Ruidoso picture collage

ruidoso new mexico


Grindstone Reservoir- Ruidoso, NM

grindstone lake

Grindstone Dam from the east-Ruidoso



Early travelers navigated by the peak of Sierra Blanca, also known as “old Baldy” back in the old days. It all began with a mountain, in the middle of the surrounding desert a 12,000 foot peak rises up in Lincoln County. About 30 million years ago, subterranean volcanic activity pushed up enormous mountain, which some call “White Mountain” or in Spanish Siera Blanca. Sierra Blanca is the southern most mountain in the United States with a high enough elevation that will support alpine vegetation. Sierra Blanca refers to the snow that tops the mountain during the cold season.


ruidoso sierra blanca white mountain ruidoso


The Hispanic farmers settled along the Rio Bonito. In Fort Stanton, the US Army post established in 1855 to provide protection from Apache raids. In 1869, Lincoln County was created, and the regions largest community was renamed Lincoln. About this time, former soldier Paul Dowlin and his brother built in Adobe mill on the bank of the Rio Ruidoso, and a small community grew up around it. The young outlaw known as Billy the Kid is the best-known character of the Lincoln County war, which was a struggle for political and economic domination of the region in the state. The forests in Lincoln County provided good cover and hiding spots for members of both sides of the war.

In 1907, a road had been graded from Alamogordo to Roswell. Ruidoso visitors returned home with stories of tall pines, cool forest and swift mountain streams in the Ruidoso area. The stories encourage visitors to make the journey to what is now Ruidoso. The town of Ruidoso, was established in 1891, and began to have a few permanent residence, notably the Wingfield family. During the Great Depression, Ruidoso continued to grow because of the town’s reputation as a place to have a good time with gambling, bars, restaurants and fun. Ruidoso Chamber of Commerce was officially organized in 1944.  Artists discovered Ruidoso and open their studios for the summers. A nearby community named Hollywood was home to a racetrack name Hollywood Park which opened in 1945. Eventually this became Ruidoso Downs. Ruidoso Downs is now home to the All American Futurity which is the world’s richest quarter horse race with an annual purse of over $1 million.

In 1938 a small ski area opened at the end of Cedar Creek with gasoline powered tow rope visitors could write to the top of the end of Cedar Creek. In the 1960s permission was granted by the United States for service to build the ski area on Sierra Blanca.

Charles Wingfield and his family arrived in Ruidoso in 1884 in a covered wagon. They had come from Texas. He got a job at the mill, where four children were born one named Isaac Wingfield who would become an important public figure in Ruidoso. In 1922 a Amilia Church open the first commercial cabin operation in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Singing Pines Cabins opened and upper Canyon in 1922, shortly followed by Ruidoso Lodge in 1924. A small grocery store opened near the entrance to Upper Canyon and was operated by Warren Barrett.

In 1929 Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth came to Ruidoso on their honeymoon. The couple lived on a ranch in San Patricio and painted many scenes of life in the Hondo Valley in Ruidoso.

The Playground of the Southwest: Ruidoso claims the name of playground of the Southwest. By 1954 The Hwy. from El Paso to Alamogordo was completely paved visits to the national forest increased from 178,000 in 1952 914,000 in 1959. In the 1930s Ruidoso adopted the slogan “Playground of the Southwest”. Movie stars began to show up such as Robert Mitcham who supposedly gotten the fight Win, Place and Show saloon in Ruidoso. WPS is still there operating 7 days a week.

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Ruidoso, New Mexico


Spring Break Ruidoso information:

Just a quick note about spring break in Ruidoso New Mexico.

Go to if you need accommodations in Ruidoso. Ruidoso is the playground of the Southwest and there’s always plenty to do during spring break in Ruidoso New Mexico. Skiing is at full tilt, the casinos are rock and, the weather is fantastic as of March 12, 2012. We just had a great snowfall in all of those who were in Ruidoso had a great time playing in the snow and sure enough Ruidoso New Mexico is in its finest form with sunshiny days for the second and third week of March 2012.


If you haven’t experienced Ruidoso during spring break it’s absolutely amazing. There plenty of places to shop lots of folks walking the streets, and of course the nightlife is always fun at the quarters and when place and show, not to mention the end of the mountain gods and Billy the Kid casino. Dancing is always a great event during spring break in Ruidoso New Mexico.


I’m a full-time residence so I get to enjoy it off but I am sending out an invitation for anyone and everyone to come enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world and definitely the most beautiful place in New Mexico or even the Southwest. Complacent disc golf, go hiking, party all you want and come enjoy one of the greatest spring break adventures you will ever have in Ruidoso New Mexico.


And again if you need spring break accommodations go to or visit the cabin in Ruidoso promotional video on YouTube

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Ruidoso New Mexico in south-central New Mexico, is a mountain resort town with a long history of tourism. Ruidoso New Mexico is rapidly growing do to the beautiful scenery in the area and economy based on its reputation as a resort area. Ruidoso has many attractions: the Ruidoso Downs racetrack and the Ski Apache slopes ski area, the Mescalero Apache Indian ski resort on Sierra Blanca at 12,000 feet altitude. The Inn Of The Mountain Gods and the casino at the travel center is also run by the Mescalero Apache Indian tribe.